Honest Cuts & Other Services is a constellation of three businesses operated collaboratively by two  emerging artists Olga Abeleva and Nadya Isabella that has been operating since the beginning of 2017, providing makeover services to the community free of charge. Honest Cuts offers a selection of haircuts (bob, buzz, bangs, bald, and bowl cut), Good Enough performs beauty services such as nails and make-up using dollar store supplies, and Quick Fix repairs broken items with tape as the main material. The ervices experiment with limited resources to provide creative solutions in order to satisfy dreams of luxury. Abeleva and Isabella vow to have no professional training and no money involved—by de-skilling and demonetizing business models, Honest Cuts reimagines the stagnant relationships between customers and service providers, resisting the urge to predicate interpersonal relationships on exchange of capital. Theinteraction between business owner and customer becomes focused on the act of giving and receiving care, forgoing the usual monetary expectations.

HC&OS will improve its services and décor with every new space that it occupies, with Isabella and Abeleva continuously working on paintings for the salon and brainstorming new business ideas. Although the popularity of Honest Cuts may grow through word of mouth and institutional exposure, the business will always function outside of the monetary system, never accepting money from customers. HC&OS is sustained by the symbiotic relationship between the business and their customers:
lithout the community’s support, the enterprise would cease to exist.